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Earl Grey - Lavender

Earl Grey - Lavender
Product Description

Sit back and relax with the soothing taste of this warm, inviting tea.


At Twinings, we’ve been blending Earl Grey tea for nearly two centuries.  But, sometimes, a little change can be good.  That’s why we are excited to bring you Lavender Earl Grey – a modern twist to a classic tea.  Known for its fresh, floral aroma and soothing taste, the luxurious flavour of lavender creates a rewarding tea that will calm and soothe your soul.


  • Black tea
  • Natural bergamot flavours with other natural flavours
  • Lavender

Brewing Time

Tea Bags

To savour the full flavour of our teas, bring water to boil, and pour over the tea as soon as it reaches boiling.  Over-boiling will cause oxygen to be reduced, making the tea taste “flat”. Brew 2-4 minutes or to desired taste.

*We do not recommend using a microwave to boil your cup of water.

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