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Twinings Member Rewards™

Twinings Member Rewards™ is a customer loyalty program that rewards members for shopping online. The more you spend, the more Twinings Member Rewards points you accrue. These points can be redeemed for any product available for purchase at our online tea shoppe.


How It Works

  1. Create an account

    By creating an account, you are automatically enrolled in the Twinings Member Rewards™ program. No other setup is required.

  2. Purchase items from our online store

    For every $1 you spend, you will earn 100 reward points. Points are automatically added to your account after checkout.

  3. Receipt of your reward points

    Dollar certificates are issued to members in increments 10,000 points and up to 30,000 points via email.

  4. Redeem your reward points

    During checkout, simply enter the dollar certificate number inside the promo box area. This transaction cannot be combined with any other promotion.


Program Details

  • You must have an account at Your account will be used to record your accumulated Points.
  • You will earn 100 Points for every $1 valid purchase.
  • A minimum of 10,000 Points must be earned before you can redeem Points.
  • Your earned reward Points will be sent to you via a reward dollar certificate. Dollar certificates are issued in increments of 10,000 Points and up to 30,000 Points.
  • Points are awarded on a per transaction basis, and will be rounded down to the nearest dollar.
  • Tax, shipping and promotional discounts are not eligible for reward Points.
  • Points are not earned until the transaction is completed and full payment is made.
  • If you return a purchase, the Points received for that purchase will be deducted from your accrued Points balance.
  • Purchases made with gift cards or through promotional discounts do not qualify to earn Points.


Points Earned Dollar Value
10,000 Points $10 off your next order
20,000 Points $20 off your next order
30,000 Points $30 off your next order





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