Twinings’ expert blenders train for five years, then travel the world to select teas from thousands of tea estates to find the perfect leaves that go into each of our signature blends. Since no two tea harvests are ever the same—even those from the same garden—the art of blending is extremely complex and a critical first step in preparing you the perfect cup of tea.

Twinings is also one of the few teamakers to blend our own herb and fruit ingredients. By controlling what goes into our teas, we ensure our recipes are unique.


Creating the perfect balance of flavour, taste and aroma is a complex dance of art, science and experience. Our master tasters train for years, exercising their taste buds in the name of teatime perfection.

First, tasters perform an initial taste using small batches of tea, assessing each for quality, flavour and colour. Teas lucky enough to make the cut are then blended and made ready for comparison tasting. Next, they compare the new blend’s taste against a benchmark blend for each Twinings flavour. Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection is why your next cup of Earl Grey tastes exactly like the first cup sipped by the 2nd Earl Grey himself.

In the brewing stage, we brew up to 30 different sample tea blends using freshly drawn water boiled in a copper kettle. The leaves are infused for precisely six minutes, after which the "liquor" is poured off into a bowl ready for tasting.

Finally, our tasters examine the tea leaves both wet and dry. They assess the brew’s colour and clarity, then taste each sample using special spoons to draw liquid against the back of the palate where the sense of taste and smell meet. This is where years of experience pay off, as our tasters can identify the location, elevation and growth characteristics of each sample, which helps them detect the slightest variation on their exacting standards.