Twinings Glossary

I-Chiban Cha

A Japanese term referring to the first flush or first plucking of tea. It is generally a very delicate tasting tea.

Iced tea

Fresh-brewed tea served in a tall glass with ice cubes, a slice of lemon slotted to the rim, and a long spoon for stirring in sugar or honey. Iced tea was invented at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair by an expatriate Englishman called Richard Blechynden. It is the most popular way of drinking tea in America.

Ilex paraguariensis

(see maté)

Imperial Tea

A rolled green tea from Ceylon, China, or India made from older leaves. It has a good aroma and is refreshing.


Infusion is a common name used for herbal teas, but it is also used in tea tasting to refer to the 'infused' tea leaves after brewing.

Instant Tea

Developed in the 1930s and commercialized in the 1950s, instant tea sacrifices nuances in fragrance and flavour for convenience. Should we be saying this?