Twinings Glossary


A very small size tea leaf, although larger than dust.


A term used to describe the processing of Oolong and Black teas. The chemical transformation which takes place is actually oxidation.


A term used to identify pieces of stem in tea.


Teas of exceptional quality and flavour.


Very characteristic taste and aroma of fine teas, usually associated with high grown teas.

Flowery Orange Pekoe

A large leaf size containing an abundance of tip.


The new growth on a tea plant consisting of a full complement of leaves. It takes about 40 days for a new bud to blossom into a flush.


Tea grown on the island of Taiwan.


A strong tea with good colour and no bitterness. Fullness of a tea can describe the viscosity and mouthfeel of the tea. A 'full' tea would possess thickness and body.

Fully Fired

Referring to a taste of the liquor equated with being slightly over fired.